Business Plan


Business Plan for Garden City Resorts – Syria.


Foundation : In 1986 Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic.


Proprietor  : Eng. M. Hassan Istwani.


Activities    : Real  Estate Development, Touristic Projects, Investments and Construction Constractors.

Objectives  :

  • We aim to satisfy our customers and gain their trust. We work hard to improve and develop our performance in order to succeed in fulfilling all aims and commitments of our customers and partners.
  • Capability and flexibility to support customers with all facilities.


Reputation : Sound excellent reputation in both local and international markets.



Management :


Eng. M. Hassan Istwani   : M.A - Civil Engineer /American University of Beirut.   


Mrs. Shirin Al-Abyad      : M.A - architect /Damascus University.         

                                           VICE CHAIRMAN.

Eng. Basel Istwani           : Civil Engineer /Louisiana Tech. University.             

                                           Project Manager.         

Dr. M.T.  Ben Messalem : Polytechnic Engineer /University of Turin – Italy.

                                           Technical Advisor.

Dr. Hamdi Al-Saqa          : PH.D – Business Administration.            

   Financial Controller.                                             

       (Ex-minister of Finance).                                    

Mr. Ahmad Al-Hawary    : B.A – Finance and Accounting /Damascus University. 

                                           Financial Manager.                             

Dr. Basel Al-Abyad          : Business Administration /London.                

                                            Marketing & Sales Manager.              

Mr. Talal Al-Hasan          : B.A – Business /Damascus University.                                                                                               Administration Manager.

Miss. kinda Dayoub         : B.A – Marketing /Damascus University.                        

                                           P. R. Manager.

Mr. M. Adnan Istwani     : Business Administration /Damascus International University.

                                           Advertising Manager.

Mr. M. Kinan  Istwani     : Business Administration /Arabian Europian University.

                                           Interior Affairs Manager.


Message from the Founder :


I have a very big confidence that our future will prove just successful as our past. The company maintains an excellent reputation in both local and international markets because of the quality and high standard of its services.


However, we do not intend to rest on our current success, our continuous development and markets expansion will go on to strengthen  our  position  as a  leading  contracting  company  in  the  market  place.


By putting our customer’s requirements at the forefront in our thinking, we are proud of our achievements to date and look confidently forward to the bright future.


UCEC is committed to maintain and enhance its reputation through continuous solid investments, expertise and combined vertical and horizontal integration.


I believe that our success to date would facilitate for further achievements in the future for both local and international markets.


At last, I wish to extend my thanks and appreciation to the company staff and partners who are the driving force of our success.



The Company :


UCEC is a commercial based company and rated in the first class category in Damascus Chamber of Commerce with deep rooted trading and contracting history that stretches back to 1986.


The company is dynamically engaged in the following listed commercial activities with operations all over Syria and Lebanon :


      -    Trading (Import & Export).

      -    Real Estate Development & Investments.

      -    General Construction Contractors.


The company is considered as one of the leading companies in the country in terms of scope of operation, volume of investment and of its rich physical, financial and intellectual resources.


Our company success is based on a strong commitment to quality and reliability which are derived from the company’s unique resources.


The company strives to maintain the reputation it had gained at all levels through out its business history, it also aims to broad its business portfolio through combined vertical and horizontal integration in its associated industry.


The company is one of the major and strategic contributors to the national economy and society welfare and strives to grow its business units and maintain its long term profitability through achieving customers and expected state Holders satisfaction which accompanies, quality products, quality services and caring for the surrounding society and its environment.


Eng. M. Hassan Istwani and his company United Contracting and Engineering Company have been selected to be honored by receiving so many international awards upon the process of constructing the brilliant project "Garden City Resorts". The most important and highly valued awards to be mentioned are :


  • The 18th International Construction Award for year 2006 (New Millennium Award) which is presented by The Trade Leader’s Club and Editorial Office in Madrid - Spain.
  • The 28th International Trophy for Construction Technology and Quality for year 2007 which presented in Geneva -  Switzerland.
  • The International Golden Star Award for Quality (ISAQ) presented by the American institute B.I.D for year 2007  according to the International Commercial Agreement  in Geneva - Switzerland.
  • The 10th Diamond Eye Award for Quality Commitment & Excellence and the (TQCS) Accreditation Program (Top Quality Customer Satisfaction Standards) for year 2007-2008 in Paris - France.
  • The 10th Platinum  Technology Award  for the  Best  Trade  Name  for  year  2008  in  Rome – Italy.
  • The 20th International  Golden  Construction  Award    for  year   2008   in  Madrid – Spain.
  • The World Quality Commitment (WQC) International Star Award for Quality in the Platinum category for year 2008 in U.S.A.
  • The Majestic Five Continents Award for Quality & Excellence (TQM for Construction) for year 2008 in Geneva – Switzerland.
  • The 5th Golden  Award    for  Quality   and   Business  Prestige    for  year    2009    in  Berlin - Germany.
  • The 35th International    Award     for  the   Best   Trade   Name   for  year    2009    in    Paris – France.


Noting out that these awards are granted yearly to reward engineers and companies which are distinguished by their unique works that ascend to highly technical standards and excellent quality. For the big importance of these awards they are granted only by specialized arbitral committees in European Union Countries and American United States.



Vision :



To be one of  the  leading  commercial  companies  in the  country  with new  investments  in associated  industries  combined  by  vertical  and  horizontal  integration  into the related industries.



Company's Values :


Our values are fundamental to our success. They’re the foundation of our company, and therefore, we strive to :


      -    Deliver high standard of quality and keep our customers satisfied.

      -       Treat  our  team  members,   customers,   partners  and   suppliers  with  mutual  respect    and

           sensitivity, recognizing the  importance of  diversity. We  respect   all  individuals   and  value   

                their contributions.

      -   Help and improve the communities where we work as we act with honesty and  integrity,  not

          compromising the truth through over 25 years of business.


      UCEC has come to gain a sound of excellent reputation of performance and reliability in both local and international markets, confidently the company has managed to expand its business portfolio over years, at present we comprise the following project (Garden City Projects).